Effective immediately, the old iMail (mail.scdsb.on.ca and mail1.scdsb.on.ca) servers will be restricted to only send e-mail to @scdsb.on.ca addresses. All teaching staff and students should only be using these e-mail servers to forward e-mail to their new accounts or to verify an e-mail until the migration is completed of the old e-mails to the new Office 365 e-mail account. Any attempts to send to non-SCDSB addresses will automatically delete the message and the receiver will not receive the message.

http://o365.scdsb.on.ca or use the Login link on the Start Menu.

To avoid having to check this account setup a forward on your @mail1 account: Login to e-mail - and click on "Preferences" (bottom left menu) enter your new username@scdsb.on.ca account in the "Forward to:" and click "Save" (top corner).  All e-mails that accidentally are sent to this account will forward automatically to your new account.

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